Wine Preserver

Code: 17000

• The easiest, fastest and safest way to preserve an opened bottle of wine.
• Prevents oxidation and preserves over hundred and twenty bottles
• A combination of odorless, harmless and tasteless inert gases blankets the wine of an opened bottle. The gases are heavier than oxygen; therefore they are able to form a protective coat over the liquid.
• Preserver is 99.9 percent pure nitrogen (with traces of argon, oxygen and carbon dioxide) which does not affect the environment
• This preserver can also be used to seal in the flavor of dinner and dessert wines, aperitif, brandy, as well as gourmet vinegars, sake, and cooking oils.

Based on leading Vintners' systems, CorkPops Wine Preserver duplicates winery systems designed to prevent free-radical oxidation. Simple and easy:
Insert the patented injection tip into the mouth of the container. Three quick press downs allow the inverted can and injection tip to force the existing air out and allow the inert gas formula to gently flow in. To preserve wine safely for an indefinite period, remove the wine preserver and immediately replace with an airtight non-porous stopper. Do not slant bottles or allow them to rest on their sides. Three press downs before storing wine prevent oxidation from occurring, keeping flavor, taste, and bouquet intact. You do not have to worry anymore about finishing the whole bottle right away.