Cork Pops Legacy - The Bentley of Openers

Code: 12240

Introducing the Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener: Your Wine's Perfect Partner. 🍷💥

Proudly Made in the USA 

This ingenious wine opener relies on a low-pressure inert gas cartridge, ensuring a seamless cork-popping experience without compromising the wine's flavor or the environment. Using the Cork Pops Legacy is as simple as inserting the needle straight down through the cork, pressing once, and watching the cork elegantly pop out.

What sets the Cork Pops Legacy apart? It offers a unique single-step motion for effortless cork removal, complete with an enhanced foil removal system and a patented cork ejector. 

Designed to fit traditional wine bottles as well as flanged lip bottles, the Cork Pops Legacy boasts a sleek black finish that complements any bar setting. It comes bundled with one cartridge, capable of opening between 60-80 bottles of wine.

For wine enthusiasts, the Legacy by Cork Pops is an essential accessory that marries functionality with sophistication. Elevate your wine experience today." 🥂

Cork is removed from the openers by twisting the handle counterclockwise while firmly holding the lower extractor barrel. Repeat motion in a clockwise direction; remove the cork from point of needle. Unit will be in original position and ready for the next cork extraction

NOTE:  All Cork Pops openers are designed for the initial opening of  traditionally shaped 750 ml bottles.  We do not recommend their use on oversized or novelty shaped bottles.