Nicholas Collection Martini Shaker

Code: 00450

The Nicholas Collection Martini Shaker

This stainless steel and copper shaker are constructed of premium materials both inside and out. A decorative rubber sleeve not only adds visual appeal but also provides grip to prevent slippage during shaking, in addition to insulating the hand from an icy exterior. The product is easy to clean by hand washing and is safe and simple to use.

But those aren’t the only selling points that set Cork Pops’ Nicholas Collection Martini Shaker apart from the competition. 
The heavy-duty stainless steel strainer that is built inside its cap exhibits the strength necessary to effectively break up ice cubes during shaking. Any large, chunky pieces that might remain are filtered out while the finest particles of ice are dispensed with the mixed drink. Chilling of the ingredients takes place instantly as well. As a result, the martini shaker produces ultra-smooth cocktails that are the perfect consistency and temperature.

The 32 fluid ounce capacity of the Nicholas Collection Martini Shaker enables the making of large batches so that home mixologists have more time to enjoy their company and savor their drinks. A unique cap with 180-degree opening ability reduces spillage by allowing the beverage to be dispensed from any direction.