Switzerland Wineries

Caves de la Beroche
Located in Saint Aubin, in the canton of Neuch,tel, Caves de la Beroche have been in operation since 1935. Their plantings include: Blanc chasselas 31 ha, Pinot Noir 15 ha, Pinot Gris 2 ha, Chardonnay 1 ha, Riesling and Sylvaner 0.5 ha, and Gew¸rztraminer 0.5 ha.

Domaine E de Montmollin Fils
This Domaine was founded in 1936. They have a white Chasselas, a red pinot noir, a sparkling wine, and also some Chardonnays and other varieties.

Domaine des Isles
Situated in St-Prex, in the "Canton de Vaud" (Switzerland), the "Domaine des Isles" is about 150 acres. They produce a lot of things, from milk to wine through applejuice and its derivatives such as the raisinÈe. They have a Chasselas white and a Salvagnin red.

Fontaine Aux Anes
The vines are principally the Chasselas and Gamay varieties. The grapes of La Fontaine aux Anes are cultivated according to the requirements of the "Production Integree" (P.I.) and regularly obtain the certificate "P.I." as well as the label "Vinatura"

Ticino Wines
Ticino Merlot is not a large scale, mid-market consumer product but a high ranking red wine with an excellent reputation. White and rose Merlot are a fairly recent addition to the market and have met with success.

Wine of Wallis
The Wallis has the largest area devoted to wine production in the country, and it yields about 40% of the total Swiss production. They are popular for pinot noir, Fendant and DÙle.