Spain Wineries


Bodegas Torres
Founded in 1870, Bodegas Torres has a long tradition of creating fine wines. They make reds, whites, rose, brandy and some delicious Cava.

Cavas Masachs
Spanish sparkling wines from Barcelona, grown here since the turn of the century.

Cava Torelló
Landowners since 1385, Cava Torelló has a long, long tradition of fine wines. The web site has a lot of history of Cava and instructions for its proper drinking.

Freixenet Cava
A fine sparkling wine from Spain, Freixenet with its signature black bottle is well known in the rest of the world as well. Cava uses Macabeo, Xarello and Parellada.

Jaume Serra Cavas
Located in northern Spain, Cava is the Spanish sparkling wine, and Jaume Serra is one of the finer producers of cava. They produce 2.5 million bottles a year.


Rioja Alta
Formed in 1890 by a group of 5 vine growers, Rioja Alta is now the top producer of Rioja. It has won numerous awards for its wines.

Aldaea Nueva
Rioja galore! Aldaea Nueva is the largest producer of Rioja wine in Spain. They have an annual production of 16 million kilograms of wine.

Bodegas MartÍnez Bujanda
Fine Riojas from Rioja, Alta, Alavesa and Baja, begun in 1889. They currently produce 150,000 cases of estate bottled wine.

El Coto de Rioja
El Coto de Rioja vinified its first grapes in 1970, and this vintage was released in 1975. They are growing quickly to keep up with demand for their fine wines.

Domaine de la Isla Vineyards
The "Domaine de la Isla" vineyard is located in Logrono, in the Rioja region.(Navarra).

Bodegas Faustino
In 1861 Eleuterio Martinez Arkoz became established as a wine-maker of Rioja. He started with his family`s own vineyards whose grapes had previously been sold to other producers.

Bodegas Montecillo, SA
Bodegas makes a fine Rioja, based of course in Rioja Spain, that is spicy and peppery. It has been in operation since 1874.

Torre de Ona SA
Begun in 1988 in Spain, Torre was acquired by Rioja Alta in 1995 and continues to produce fine Rioja. They have over 4000 oak barrels for aging.

Bodegas Torres
Founded in 1870, this fine Rioja winery now has operations in Catalonia, California and Chile. Their four main vineyards are Mas La Plana (29 ha), Milmanda (10 ha), Fransola (25 has), and Mas Borr¦s (15 ha).


Sherry Organization
Great page with a history of Sherry, prominant bodegas in the area, and much more.

Harvey's Bristol Creme Sherry
Strangely enough, most Spanish Sherries have English names. Harvey's is probably the most well known Sherry of them all!


Other Regions

Bodegas Salnesur
Founded in 1988, Salnesur is two kilometers away from Combados. This wine producing area in the Northwest corner of Spain is considered to be one of the most prestigious areas for wine production in Galicia.

Begun in 1637, this family-run winery still operates in Navarra and produces fine blends of Tempranillo and Garnacha.

Jumilla Spain Wine Council
This wine region in SouthEastern Spain is known for the use of the Monastrell grape. Meet the winemakers, and learn about the wines!

Founded in 1920, Parxet is a combination of these original cellars, located in the Roman town of Tiana, and the modern winery in Santa MarÃa de Martorellas.