Decanting Product Tip

What Is Decanting?
Decanting is simply pouring wine from the bottle into another container.

Why Should You Decant?
You should decant for two reasons: 
Decanters aerate wine, maximizing both the taste and aroma.
Separating sediment from an older wine helps to remove a bitter flavor.

How To Decant
To decant a young wine that has not yet thrown sediment, simply pour the wine slowly into a decanter and let it sit. To decant an older wine with sediment (about any red wine with more than five or six years of bottle age), pour slowly through a screened funnel, or through a funnel lined with cheesecloth.

Caring For Your Decanter
Never clean your decanter with detergent, because the shape of a decanter makes it very difficult to get the soapy residue out.