Glass Glitz Sugar Rimmers-Peppermint Flavor

Code: 416

Luscious Peppermint Flavor Glittery Sugar™ Cocktail Rim

Glass Glitz™ is a line of edible glitter sugar or salt rimmers for cocktails, martinis, margaritas and more! Depending on the size glass, champagne or martini, you can rim anywhere between 30-60 glasses.    Try this on the rim of your hot chocolate!  Yummy!

"Mint Bliss" Glass Glitz comes in Luscious Peppermint Flavor. The color of this product is bright red in base flavored sugar and enhanced with silver and red edible glitters.

Package Size: 3oz (85g)
Kosher - Made in USA 
Depending on how they are stored - flavored glittery sugar™ products are to stay fresh about one week after opening.