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San Francisco, California Wineries

Bargetto Winery
Nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains, Bargetto makes quite a few wines, including a delicious Chaucer's Mead!

Murrieta's Well Vineyard
Murrieta's Well Vineyard was planted in 1884. This vineyard was begun with grape cuttings from such fine French vineyards as Ch,teau d'Yquem. They are especially well known for their Sauvignon Blancs.

The Retzlaff Winery
The Retzlaff Winery creates fine Cabernets and Cab-Merlot blends, as well as its series of white wines. Hand produced, Retzlaff prides itself on the quality of its output. Its web page has not only descriptions of their wines, but also festival information and a wine quiz.

Rosenblum Cellars Winery
Located in Alameda. Their building was created in 1910, sitting at the edge of San Francisco Bay. They get their grapes not only locally, but also from nearby grape-growing regions.

Stone Ridge Winery
Located in the Livermore Valley and established in 1975. They create not only 'typical' wines for the region, but also fresh and interesting Italian-style wines. These include a Malvasia Bianca and a Nebbiolo.

Iván Tamás Winery
Iv·n Tam·s Winery was begun by a family with centuries of experience behind them. Already their fine wines are garnering praise - the Trebbiano and Sangiovese as much as the Cabernet and Zinfandel. Their newest addition is their Dopo Cena, a delicious dessert wine.

Wente Vineyards
A destination not only for wine, but for golf and entertainment as well. Begun in 1883, Wente now has over three thousand acres of vines. They do especially well with Sauvignon Blanc, SemilÃlon and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Concannon Vineyard
The first winery to label their Petite Sirah by its name instead of by the more general (and geographically incorrect) "Burgundy" that other wineries were using. They make this excellent wine as well as fine Sauvignon Blancs and Cabernet Sauvignons.

A name well known throughout the world for its fine wines. With a 144 year history, Mirassou not only makes fine wines but also sparkling wines, plus they host tastings, courses, weddings, festivals and more.

Retzlaff Estate Wines
In our time of mass production it is a treasure to find a few things that are still made by hand. At Retzlaff, quality is our goal. Yet quality comes not only from our efforts but from the soil - the earth that produces the grapes. Our soil gives the grapes their flavor, the rich berry tones, the soft tannins and the long lingering finish.

Eckert Estate Winery
Nestled among the Livermore vineyards and olive trees, flourishes a new distinctively different winery. Here in the casual setting at Eckert Estate Winery, you can relax and taste exceptional wines, sample olive oil made from the surrounding trees, tour the olive mill, or just unwind under the canopies.

Mitchell Katz Winery
Mitchell Katz Winery has found a home. They will be located on 1188 Vineyard Ave., Pleasanton, CA. This is the location were the old Ruby Hill Winery once stood.