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Napa Valley, California Wineries

Araujo Estate Wines
Because this small winery is not open for Tours and Tastings, the wines are available only through their restaurants, retailers, and by mail from the winery.

Ariel Vineyards
Located in the Napa Valley, Ariel produces fine wines without alcohol that are winning awards at tastings.

Atlas Peak Winery
Although they do not offer touring or tastings, Atlas Peak does create some fine Cabernets and Chardonnays. Check out the web page for a 'virtual tour'.

Bayview Cellars
A relatively new winery, Bayview Cellars was founded in the Napa Valley in 1993 and has been putting out a small but high quality selection of wine.

Beringer Winery
Perhaps known as the "Creator of White Zinfandel", Beringer has a lot to offer. Established in the NV in 1876, Beringer makes a wide selection of wines including reislings and gewurztraminers.

Buehler Vineyards
Tours by appointment only. Located six winding miles east of downtown St. Helena and nestled in the mountains above Conn Valley, Buehler Vineyards encompasses some 300 acres of Napa Valley hillside terrain.

Burgess Cellars
Burgess Cellars is a stone and redwood mountainside winery which was originally started in the 1880's. They grow Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Zinfandel in the winery's mountain vineyards.

BV Wines
BV - Beaulieu Vineyards - put out a high quality selection of wines including a Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. Look for the Carneros label as well.

Cain Vineyard and Winery
In 1980 the founders, Jerry and Joyce Cain, chose this rugged mountain terrain as the first estate to grow the five principal red Bordeaux varieties. Their dream of producing a red wine that would rival the best in the world has come to life with the Cain Five.

Cakebread Cellars
Celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 1998, Cakebread Cellars produces a variety of wines including cabernet, chardonnay, merlot, pinot noir and much more.

Chappellet Winery
This gorgeous web page describes their philosophy and wines - Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, Moelleux, and more.

Chateau Montelena
Chateau Montelena was founded by Alfred Tubbs in 1882. Remaining in the Tubbs family until the 1950's, the winery operated sporadically and the vineyard land was sold after the repeal of Prohibition. In 1972, under the leadership of Jim Barrett, a renaissance was begun.

Chateau Potelle
The fruit of their Mount Veeder Estate, combined with natural yeast fermentation and Marketta's winemaking process, create wines of strong varietal character with magnificent balance and harmony. Their wines are described as well rounded with great subtleness and complexity.

Chimney Rock Winery
Situated on the Silverado Trail in the world-renowned Stags Leap District of California's Napa Valley, our Cape Dutch-inspired estate winery is recognized as one of California's premier fine wine producers. Chimney Rock's limited production Elevage, Cabernet Reserve,Cabernet, Chardonnay and FumÈ Blanc are found in only the best restaurant cellars and private collections in the nation.

Chinnock Cellars
See the vines, listen to the winemaker! This Napa Valley wine site has tasting notes, wine detail, and much more.

Clos Du Val Winery
Located in the Stags Leap district, Clos Du Val produces a Semillon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve.

Clos Pegase Winery
Since opening the winery in June of 1987, Clos Pegase proprietors Jan Mitsuko Shrem have been steadily gracing the winery grounds with a myriad of artwork.

Cuvaison Winery
Cuvaison Winery was founded in 1969 in Calistoga, Napa Valley, California. The winery's name "cuvaison" (Koo-vay-sawn) is French for the fermentation of wine on the grape skins.

David Arthur Winery
with a Chardonnay and a Meritagio, David Arthur is growing in leaps and bounds.

Deer Park Winery
People rave about their Petite Sirahs! Check out the winery pages and, if you're in the area, swing by for a tasting.

Freemark Abbey
Well known for their Cabernet Sauvignon, Freemark Abbey is a great place to tour and visit!

Goose Cross Cellars
Fun web page with animation! Goose Cross makes a fine selection of Chardonnays, Cabernets, Syrah, and more.

Hakusan Sake Gardens
More a beer than a wine (because of the rice), Sake is tasty both warm and cold. Hasukan sake is created in NV with no preservatives or sulfites.

Hess Collection Winery
2000 feet above the Napa Valley floor, 20 years of experience make for some delicious wines.

Karl Lawrence Cellars
Founded in NV in 1991, the strong background of these winemakers has produced a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon. On line newsletter available.


Merryvale Vineyards
Founded in 1983, Merryvale has already made a mark. Its 'Starmont Chardonnay' was rated a "Spectator Selection" by The Wine Spectator.

Milat Vineyards
Started in 1949 and turned into a full winery in the 70s, Milat is a true family vineyard. They produce Chenin Blanc, blushes and more in the Napa Valley.

Map of Southern Napa Valley Wineries
Provided by Chinnock Cellars. For your viewing and trip planning pleasure!

Mario Perelli-Minetti Winery
Cabernets and Chardonnays from a long history of winemaking. The family has been in the business of making fine wine since the early fifteen hundreds.

Mumm Sparkling Wine
In 1984, G.H. Mumm of France decided to give it a try in Napa Valley. The resulting fine sparkling wines compare with any French Champagne.

Napa Valley Wineries
This web page lists out all Napa Valley Wineries, with both those on the net and those still not yet net-enabled. Plus tours, tasting, and other information for visitors.

Napa Vintners Association
The Napa Valley Vintners Association is a non-profit regional trade association with an active membership of 151 wineries. Good information about the Napa Valley area.

Paradigm Winery
Paradigm Winery produces a total of four different wines. The classic Bordeaux varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc along with Zinfandel.

Phoenix Vineyards
Small winery in the Napa Valley. Web site is not complete yet; check back for future updates.

Prager Winery and Port Works
Located in the World famous Napa Valley, Prager Winery and Port Works is a family owned and operated Winery, specializing in the production of Drier Syle Ports.

Quail Ridge Winery
Founded in 1978, Quail Ridge prodcues very fine Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. They are owned by the Ruthford Benchmarks company.

St. Supéry Winery
First founded in 1881, this winery has a special insight into the small-scale creation of wine. Situated in the Napa Valley.

Sea Ridge Coastal Winery
Creator of an excellent merlot, nice and peppery. The site is still under construction, but should be up shortly.

Silverado Vineyards
Fine wines of chardonnay and sangiovese. The fine web site also has recipes and a harvest watch.

Silver Oak Cellars
The success of Silver Oak Cellars is based first and foremost upon the persistent dedication to making the finest Cabernet Sauvignon in California each year.

Steltzner Vineyards
Established in 1983, Steltzner boasts fine Cabernets and Merlots in lots of around 2000 - 3000 each. Located in the Napa Valley.

Stoneheath Wines
A winery in the Napa Valley making Italian-style wines, with grapes including Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, and Dolcetto.

Sutter Home
Very well known for their White Zinfandel, Sutter Home now has a "Portico" line which adds fruit flavors to this sweet wine.

ZD Wines
Producers of Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Noir and Merlot, starting in Sonoma, for 30 years. The Napa Valley winery was opened in 1979.